Taz Vapor OPEN for Curbside Service on 4/27

In effect until 5/8/2020 (date subject to change). Credit/debit card sales only at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We offer hand sanitizer for sale – 700ml for $12. From J&L Distilling. Limit 2 per order.

1. Call Taz Vapor – if you get busy signal or no answer then clerk is handling another order, please call back in 5 minutes.
Louisville 7205359675
Westminster 7205359170

2. Give your order to the clerk who will pick out your order with you on the phone.   Clerk will tell you the total amount.  You will need to give the clerk your name and cell phone number.

3. You will receive a remote payment request to your cell phone number. 

4. Follow the instructions to complete payment. 

5. Within 24 hours pull up in front of Taz Vapor door (the same one that you called).  If someone else is there right now then wait please and then pull up when that customer leaves.  We are open 10am-8pm.  Please arrive before 7:45pm.
547 E. South Boulder Rd.
9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, Unit B

6. Call the store and tell the clerk your name and what kind of car you are in. When the clerk comes to the car please have on a face mask as recommended by the Health Department.

7. Clerk will bring the order to your car.

8. SHOW YOUR ID TO THE CLERK – if you do not have a proper ID to show that you are of legal age then the clerk will not be able to give you the order.   Refunding the money paid will require 7-14 days.

9. Clerk will give you the completed order with a receipt in a bag.

Thanks for your patience and support!